Estimation of Rock Physical Parameters Based on Digital Rock Physics Image, Case Study: Blok Cepu Oil Field, Central Java, Indonesia

  • Handoyo Handoyo Teknik Geofisika, Institut Teknologi Sumatera, Lampung, Indonesia
  • Fatkhan Fatkhan Teknik Geofisika, Fakultas Teknik Pertambangan dan Perminyakan, ITB, Jalan Ganesa No. 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia
  • Fourier D. E. Latief Kelompok Keahlian Fisika Bumi dan Sistem Kompleks, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, ITB, Jalan Ganesa No. 10,Bandung 40132, Indonesia
  • Harnanti Y. Putri Teknik Geofisika, Institut Teknologi Sumatera, Lampung, Indonesia


Sandstone, Rock Physics, Porosity, Permeability, Elasticity Parameters


Modern technique to estimate of the physical properties of rocks can be done by means of digital imaging
and numerical simulation, an approach known as digital rock physics (DRP: Digital Rock Physics). Digital rock
physics modeling is useful to understand microstructural parameters of rocks (pores and rock matrks), quite quickly and in detail. In this paper a study was conducted on sandstone reservoir samples in a rock formation. The core of sandstone samples were calculated porosity, permeability, and elasticity parameters in the laboratory. Then performed digital image processing using CT-Scan that utilizes X-ray tomography. The result of digital image is processed and done by calculation of digital simulation to calculate porosity, permeability, and elastic parameter of sandstones. In addition, there are also predictions of p-wave velocity and wave -S using the empirical equations given by Han (1986), Raymer (1990), and Nur (1998). The results of digital simulation (DRP) in this study provide a higher than the calculations in the laboratory. The digital rock physics
method (DRP) combined with rock physics modeling can be a practical and rapid method for determining the rock properties of tiny (microscopic) rock fragments


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Mar 22, 2018
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