Welcome to the online submission and editorial system for the Jurnal Geofisika. Jurnal Geofisika [e-ISSN : 2477-6084] is a scientific journal published by Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia (HAGI). This journal is referenced, each paper was assessed and evaluated by editors and reviewers who are experts in the relevant fields and come from education institutions and industry, both from within and outside the country. The published article covers all science and technology including Geophysics, Meteorology, Oceanography, Geology and Geodesy.

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Jurnal Geofisika is moving to an enhanced online submission and peer review system named Open Journal System (OJS). From Tuesday, March 7, 2017 NEW submissions must be uploaded to our new online system, OJS.

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This journal is concerned with original research, new developments, site measurements and case studies in pure and applied geophysics. It provides a national and international forum for the publication of high quality papers on the subject of geophysics and the application of geophysics principles and techniques at various scales from laboratory, reservoir to regional and global scale. These projects include geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, geology and geodesy. Papers are welcomed on all relevant topics and especially on theoretical developments, analytical methods, numerical methods, rock testing, site investigation, design, back analysis, and case studies.


CALL FOR PAPER : Special Edition Near Surface Geophysics


A special edition of Near Surface Geophysics is being planned for the October 2022 publication. The topic subdomain includes:
    Landslides & Ground Motion
    Ground Penetrating Radar
    Resistivity Geophysics
    Geotechnical Investigation
    Geophysical Instruments
    Environmental Geophysics
    Archaeological Geophysics
    Mining Geophysics

The submission deadline is 30 June 2022. We intend to finalize all manuscripts by October 2022 and publish them shortly afterward. Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts, and urged to use the Submission Template and Guideline published on the Jurnal HAGI website.


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Current Issue

Vol 19 No 2 (2021): Special Issues | Seismic Quantitative Interpretation |Jurnal Geofisika
Jurnal Geofisika Hagi |Spesial Editions
  • Catatan Editorial Seismic Quantitative Interpretation (QI) [Adi Widyantoro]
  • Analisis Parameter Elastisitas untuk Interpretasi Litologi dan Fluida Pori Reservoir Batupasir Formasi Intra Gumai Cekungan Sumatera Selatan [Eliza Veronica Zanetta, Handoyo, Fatkhan, Agus Laesanpura, M.S, dan Harnanti Yogaputri Hutami]
  • Analisis Hubungan antara Nilai Critical Porosity dan Pore Space Stiffness Terhadap Kualitas Reservoir Batupasir Lapangan ”N” Cekungan Sumatera Selatan [Nahdah Novia, Handoyo, Fatkhan, Agus Laesanpura, dan Harnanti Yoga Putri]
  • Slope of Spectral Amplitude: A Simple Yet Effective Hydrocarbon Indicator [Gadang Gentur Wihardy and Hilfan Khairy]
  • Amplitude Variation with Frequency as Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator for Quick Look and Different Insight of Hydrocarbon Delineation [Awal F. Mandong, Reza P.A. Bekti, and Rino I.A. Saputra]
  • Enhancing Low-Frequency Model for Post-Stack Inversion using Geostatistics: A Case Study in Imaging Carbonate Structure [Pramudito, D., Harisandi, A., Sinaga, R.P., and Nuraeni, F.]
  • Ekstrapolasi Frekuensi Rendah pada Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) dengan menggunakan Deep Learning. Part 1 : Validasi data Sintetik [Asido Saputra Sigalingging, Ignatius Sonny Winardhie, dan Ekkal Dinanto]
  • Utilization of Bayesian Framework in Lithology and Fluid Prediction by Using Inverted Elastic Parameter from Seismic Data [Rizky Adityo Prastama, Ignatius Sonny Winardhi]
Published: 2021-12-30


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